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New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources

5th Floor Special Licenses Unit

625 Broadway, Albany, New York, 12233-4752

Phone: (518) 402-8985 FAX: (518) 402-8925


Dear Prospective Falconer:


Thank you for your request for information pertaining to the New York State Falconry Program. 


Application for, or renewal of, a falconry license, must be made on forms provided by the New York 

State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). In order to be issued a falconry license, an 

applicant must: 


1. Be a resident of New York State 

2. Be at least 14 years of age 

3. Pass the Department's falconry examination by receiving a score of 80% or better 

4. Possess a valid New York State hunting license authorizing the hunting of small game 

5. Submit a $40 license fee 

6. Construct DEC-approved facilities for housing raptors


All of the enclosed information should be carefully reviewed so that you will understand the procedures 

to follow in order to obtain your falconry license. 


Procedures for taking the New York State Falconry Exam are: 


1. Fill in and return the falconry license application 


a. Falconry exams will be offered twice a year statewide in April and August. Pre-registration for 

the exam is mandatory


b. The statewide exam will be given at the DEC Regional Offices. The office locations are listed 

on your exam application by number and name


2. Submit your application to: 


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Special Licenses Unit

625 Broadway 

Albany, NY 12233-4752

Attn: Falconry Program Coordinator


3. You will be notified of the time and location of the falconry exam at least two weeks prior to the 

statewide exam date.


4. The exam questions may cover the basic aspects of falconry, such as natural history, basic biology, 

diseases and treatment, housing facilities, handling, training and use of raptors, and federal and state laws and regulations. 


5. You must achieve a score of at least 80% on the true/false and multiple choice questions in order to 

receive a passing score. You will be notified by mail of your score on the exam within 30 days.


6. If you fail the falconry exam, you may reapply for the next exam.


7. If you pass the falconry exam, you will be sent the following falconry forms: 


a. Evaluation of Qualifications for an Apprentice Falconer 


b. Raptor Facilities and Equipment Inspection Report 


In addition, you will receive the address of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Permitting Office.


After passing the written exam, you must meet the following requirements before obtaining your 

apprentice falconry license:


1. You must have a currently licensed General or Master Falconer agree to sponsor you. He or she must

fill out the “Evaluation of Qualifications for an Apprentice Falconer” form.

2. You must have your facilities and equipment inspected and approved by NYS DEC Regional Wildlife 


 3. You must possess a valid New York State hunting license that authorizes you to take small game by the 

use of firearms.

 4. A records check will be conducted by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the New York 

State Department of Environmental Conservation. Conviction of a violation of any federal or state 

wildlife law or regulation within the last five years may prohibit you from obtaining a falconry 


5. Information forms must be completed and returned to DEC’s Special Licenses Unit. 

6. If you have met all the requirements of your application for a falconry license, forward the forms and a 

copy of your valid NYS small game hunting license to: NYS DEC, Special Licenses Unit, 625 

Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4752 


The best of luck in reaching your goal, and if we may be of further assistance, feel free to contact the 

Special Licenses Unit at 518-402-8985.




This manual has been written as a guide to prospective falconers. All the information contained within 

has been carefully assembled and is current and up to date.The purpose of the manual is not to 

discourage the prospective falconer,  but rather to inform the individual that there are some serious

undertakings involved in the process. Becoming a falconer requires long hours of training  and a long

term commitment from the individual. Having a trained raptor is not the same as having a domestic pet. 

You cannot just leave it with a neighbor to watch when you go away. This manual contains information 

such as "Do's and Don'ts," prices on necessary equipment, book sources, equipment vendors, and more. 

It is suggested that you read this manual not only once, but two or three times until you fully 

understand the responsibilities you are about to undertake. If, after reading and understanding the 

information in this manual, you still wish to continue, it is suggested that you follow the instructions 

provided here. We hope that this manual is helpful to you and answers most of your questions.


Good luck.

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